90-Day Drug Rehabs

The long-term rehab programs you've been looking for

Long-Term Drug Rehabs: 90 Days Plus

long-term drug rehabilitation centersWhy choose a long-term drug rehab? Because they are more effective at ending addiction.

The general rule for long-term means that it is more than a month, but we think that 90 days is a starting point, and if it takes longer than that then more time is a good thing. There are some programs available today that are open-ended, meaning you pay a flat fee for the whole program no matter how long it takes, even if it is more than a year long.

Why would someone charge the same for a 90-day program as a 6-month program? These are rehabs that keep results as their main goal and are the ones that we recommend most because their track record for success is above all else out there.

It is impossible to say that all people can recovery in a certain amount of time. Each individual has his or her own set of unique problems and experiences that must be dealt with. Let us help you find a long-term drug rehabilitation center that offers individualized care to suit your needs.

Long-Term Results: Rehab Success

long-term drug rehabilitation centersHow does someone judge the success of a long-term drug rehab program?

Addiction treatment success rates are defined in many different ways in the field. Some rehabs don't feel that a success rate can be accomplished since they believe addiction is an incurable disease. Other treatment programs might boast of extremely high success rates yet have very little information to back up their claims or they are only based on limited criteria. However, there are long-term programs out there that can offer high success rates and back it up with actual surveys and outcome measures. We can help you find programs like that.

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  • We can help you locate 90-day rehabs for:

    Alcohol Addiction
    Benzo Addiction
    Cocaine Addiction
    Crack Addiction
    Ecstasy Addiction
    Heroin Addiction
    Marijuana Addiction
    Methadone Addiction
    Methamphetamine Addiction
    Painkiller Addiction