90-Day Drug Rehabs

The long-term rehab programs you've been looking for

90-Day Rehabs: Drug Rehab Programs

90-day drug rehabs and treatment programsIf you want success in drug rehab, your chances are greatly increased by attending a program at least 90 days in length.

While there is no hard and fast rule that fits everyone, statistics prove that rehabilitation centers offering 90-day treatment programs have a higher recovery rate than their month-long counterparts.

After all, addiction usually doesn't happen overnight, so why limit yourself to something that doesn't allow you the time you need to effectively address the root causes of the addiction, rather than simply treating the symptoms of it?

90-day rehabs increase the success rates of even ordinary treatments, yet we specialize in helping people find long-term facilities that produce stellar results time and again and that are committed to helping people permanently recover from alcohol or other drug addictions.

Rehab Trends: A Non-12 Step Approach

Are you tired of going in and out of rehab centers after multiple relapses? Does the thought of going to meetings for the rest of your life seem hopelss? There is a solution!

More people than ever are looking for alternatives to the 12 steps and AA/NA meetings. As a result, there are more programs available today that offer non-12 step rehab programs that are not based on the disease concept and do not try and give more drugs to addicts to treat their symptoms. We help people every day find facilities that are focused on cures and results rather than telling addicts that relapse is a part of recovery. From the words of one of the poeple we've helped:

"I am so greatful for having gone to a 90-day rehab that used a non-12 step method. I learned more about myself and life during my stay at the treatment center than I did in college. Today I am healthy and happy with a great job and family, and of course have retained my sobriety the entire time. My addiction is in the past, and that's where it will stay!"

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  • We can help you locate 90-day rehabs for:

    Alcohol Addiction
    Benzo Addiction
    Cocaine Addiction
    Crack Addiction
    Ecstasy Addiction
    Heroin Addiction
    Marijuana Addiction
    Methadone Addiction
    Methamphetamine Addiction
    Painkiller Addiction